Meet The Designer

Style is not created, it blossoms on its own. It is the first insight to a person’s personality and mood before they open their lips to speak.

At IMAE Designs, Derrecka Ellis strives to capture that personality and individuality with every custom piece that she creates.

Named in honor of her grandmothers, Lillie Mae and Hattie Mae, Ellis works with her clients to create pieces as unique as they are.

Ellis’ passion for design began when her grandmother, Hattie Mae, a former seamstress, taught her how to sew at a young age.

Her budding passion led her to study business and fashion merchandising at Central Michigan University, spending many years in the retail industry after graduation.

 It was her time in retail that Ellis realized there was a gap between what women were seeking in retail stores and what was being offered to women in retail stores.

Her realizations became personal when she couldn’t find a skirt for her own needs, and designed one herself.

This skirt would light the fire that would become IMAE Designs. 

Inspired by different cultures and the world around her, Ellis dedicates herself to creating a quality handcrafted product that brings her client’s dreams and desires to life.

For Ellis, IMAE designs represents the teachings and care of her grandmothers. Each item is created with passion, dedication and love.

Made in Detroit, not China.