New Year, New Year Me


Okay, its not January but I made the resolution in 2017 that I will have IMAE Designs website launched, stocked, and started by January 1st 2018

(Clearly, that didn’t happen.) 

In 2015, I created a 30 before 30 list, which was 30 things that I wanted to do and accomplish before I turned 30.

IMAE Designs was one of the 30 things. 

I learned through the years of creating and growing that everything happens when God is ready for it to happen. So now, IMAE Designs is here! 

I wanted to share this for all who are viewing this site that is never too late to work on the things that you aspire to accomplish. There year is halfway over, what goals do you want to start on?

PS. There will be more blogs to come about my journey to complete my 30 before 30. I am 28 and I have 27 more goals items on my list. Help!

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